Helping Patients Helps More Than The Patients

Hygea believes primary care physicians can be most effective by investing in their patients before they get sick. As a physician, you likely agree. Unfortunately, maintaining a profitable practice and navigating increasingly burdensome healthcare regulations takes time – time you may not have.

That's where Hygea comes in. We help you focus on delivering care to your patients, increasing their satisfaction, and ensuring a healthier future – for your patients and for your wallet.

How do we do it? Hygea relieves our physician partners and their staff of most of their administrative responsibilities so they can concentrate on practicing medicine. In addition, our integrated group practice model improves coordination with specialists and allows everyone to share in the revenue generated from ancillary services owned by our Integrated Group Practices – service that would typically be referred to third parties. We also offer our physician partners:

  • Flexibility
  • Contracting support and leverage
  • Protocols for implementing best practices
  • Coordination of care, including electronic health record
  • Managed Care expertise
  • Generous bonus structures
  • Highly competitive practice acquisition terms

What's more, if you choose to sever your relationship with Hygea, you won't be bound by the harsh non-compete agreements other enterprises enforce.

Keeping Patients Healthy Keeps Your Practice Healthy

With Hygea as your partner, you can concentrate on practicing medicine, not administrative tasks. Hygea believes that delivering patient care to keep patients healthy – and treating them with increased coordination and continuity of care – keeps your costs down and your profits up.

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