Direct Access To Florida's Finest Physicians

In 2008, Hygea Healthcare purchased the Palm Medical Group, a statewide Independent Provider Association (IPA) comprised of more than 1,700 physicians, representing 76 different types of physician specialties including more than 800 primary care physicians. Palm Medical offers managed care organizations the ability to create a network of doctors for their members instead of contracting with providers on a one-on-one basis.

Palm Medical handles credentialing for its member physicians, as well as for the managed care companies wishing to contract with its doctors. And in those geographies with the necessary density of physicians, Palm Medical forms independent Management Service Organizations (MSOs) that contract with insurance payers to deliver comprehensive medical care for a defined patient population in an 'at-risk' environment.

Perhaps most importantly, Palm Medical represents a source of carefully vetted primary care physicians whom Hygea may ultimately acquire to grow its integrated healthcare delivery network.

In 2014, we aim to advocate even more for our member base with stronger negotiated capitated contracts with HMOs and MSOs, discounts for insurance, supplies, services, and technology through an online group purchasing organization, and a transportation option for managed care patients. Expanding in-house credentialing management and STARK-friendly physician dispensing for pharmacy options further strengthens our association benefits.


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