Because Combined Wisdom Is Greater Than Any Individual

First conceived in 1910 at the world renowned Mayo Clinic, integrated group practices seek to provide patients with the combined expertise of different doctors and healthcare providers working together to meet the patient's needs.

At Hygea, the primary care physician leads a team of fellow doctors, nurses, technologists, and therapists. He or she ensures that everyone on the team has access to the same set of data, manages for the achievement of optimum HEDIS and STAR scores and – above all else – prioritizes the patient's needs. Here's how:

  • By building our group practices with a diversified team of providers representing a wide array of healthcare disciplines
  • By utilizing advanced electronic medical records linked to a personal health record to better coordinate care and maintain consistency in treatment protocols
  • By applying sophisticated medical risk assessment tools to better identify patients with chronic conditions and increased health risks
  • By coordinating ancillary services such as imaging, pharmacy management, and lab work

Our integrated group practices – currently 35 offices in 20 Florida counties, with over 45 licensed practitioners and currently 6 offices in 6 GA counties with 10 licensed practitioners– also capitalize on improved economies of scale, better supply chain management, coordinated billing, and centralized business and financial services. As a result, our medical providers function far more productively than when they're burdened with these operational responsibilities, and they're able to provide greater attention to the practice of medicine.

Our integrated group practice patients fare better and report higher satisfaction levels. And with improved productivity and efficiency, our physicians – along with the company – earn significantly higher revenue when compared to more conventional healthcare delivery systems.


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