Compliance Program

Hygea Holdings Corp (Hygea) is committed to serving our patients in an ethical, legal, and responsible manner, consistent with our organization’s mission and values. We strive to provide high quality services in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and guidelines, as well as Hygea’s policies and procedures. Hygea recognizes its obligation to comply with requirements related to participation in Federal health care programs (e.g., Medicare and Medicaid), including the submission of accurate and complete claims and bills.

Hygea has established a Corporate Compliance Program to ensure that the organization operates in full compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements. Hygea has also adopted a Code of Conduct and Ethics to provide guidance on the standards of ethical business and care practices that guide our organization. In addition, Hygea has established a confidential Hotline to which complaints and concerns can be directed on an anonymous basis.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact our Compliance Department:

Phone (305) 857-4384

Compliance Library

  • Compliance Program
  • Hygea Code of Conduct
  • Hotline Information


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